1. User1 writes new email message on ShazzleMail Client or MS Office Outlook or Mobile Client and sends it.  Newly created message is encrypted with User1's secret key on client application and the encrypted message is transmitted to ShazzleMail mail server. On Pic. 1 it is shown as step 1.

2. The encrypted message is stored on User1's mailbox and ShazzleMail mail server sends to notification email message with URL to read the message and removes secret key. Secret key is sent with URL and not stored on ShazzleMail mail server. It ensures that nobody can read the message without secret key. The message itself doesn't go out from our platform. On Pic. 1 it is shown as step 2.

3. Mail server of receives notification message with URL and stores it for mailbox owner. When owner opens notification message, he or she sees URL for reading a message from User1. By clicking to the URL, mailbox user opens a web browser.  This is a step 3 on Pic. 1.

4. Web browser does a request to our Webmail service to load the message from User1. This is a step 4 on Pic. 1.

5. Our Webmail fetches the message for us. In the URL we have secret key and this secret key is used to decrypt the message. Webmail provides this secret key to ShazzleMail mail server. ShazzleMail mail server decrypts message with secret key and provides the plain message to Webmail. This is step 5 on Pic 1.

6. Webmail provides the message for web browser and after all message is read by recipient. This is a step 6 on Pic. 1.

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