Big Bad NSA

“OK, the NSA sucks, but it’s time to quit whining about it, and high past time to wait for politicians to help. We have the technology RIGHT NOW to make our communications private and make it so difficult for the NSA to snoop that not even the government will waste the money it would cost them to spy on us.

A convergence of hardware and software improvements now make it possible to send and receive voice and data directly without passing through an Apple or Google server where they (and the NSA) steal and store your info. The post office doesn’t take a copy of a letter before delivering it, why give one to Google? See for an email that does this right now. All you need to do is download it for free, use it, and get your friends to use it. Oh, and you techies can build other privacy applications that take advantage of the user smart phone as the server. Help us out here. We’re growing old waiting for the politicians to wake up and do anything but blow hot air.” -Clifford F Boyle, President of ShazzleMD


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