Football is a game. Privacy is vital. Those fortunate enough to take freedom for granted may not realize that privacy is an essential element of human liberty. We expose ourselves to coercion when our private thoughts are laid out for others to pick over. Tom Brady’s cell phone is a great illustration of this. Anyone who says Tom is guilty because he destroyed evidence is spewing fascist rhetoric without even realizing it. Why should a Billionaires’ like the NFL have the right of access to Tom’s private thoughts? And why is any citizen guilty because they want to protect the privacy of their thoughts and communications?

Defending Tom Brady’s privacy is necessary, but we need to do more. We need to stop sending our private communications through the web where they are copied and stored by other billionaires who use them to target us – today to merchandise to us, tomorrow – who knows?

ShazzleMail is a free application that allows you to send your email privately and securely, leaving no record except with you and your receiver. Protect your freedom. Use it. And get others to use it. My life is more private when your life is more private. Protect innocence. Defend freedom.

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