Researcher demonstrates how vulnerable Ledger Nano S wallets are to hacking

Published on 03/20/2018

Cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger can’t seem to catch a break. Weeks after the company…

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Data-hucksters beware – online privacy is making a comeback

Published on 08/22/2017

Next year, 25 May looks like being a significant date. That’s because it’s the day…

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Hacking capture-the-flag event coming to rAge 2017

Published on 02/20/2017

SecureConekt has announced it is organising a hacking competition for the rAge Johannesburg event in October. The…

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Drone-hacking cybersecurity boot camp launched in UK

Published on 11/03/2016

Budding cyberspies will learn how to hack into drones and crack codes at a new…

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Hackers Are Trying to Hold a Los Angeles Investment Bank to Ransom

Published on 09/28/2016

Hackers have stolen apparent internal documents from a Californian investment bank and published them online,…

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Hackers Take Control of a Moving Tesla’s Brakes at a 12 miles distance.

Published on 09/26/2016

Now that cars such as Tesla’s are increasingly high-tech and connected to the internet, cybersecurity…

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Ransomware Targets UK Hospitals, But NHS Won’t Pay Up

Published on 08/31/2016

Ransomware has caused massive headaches for hospitals. In February of this year, at least a…

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ICIT Reports Says: “Hacking Elections Is Easy! Tactics, Techniques And Procedures”

Published on 08/30/2016

True democracy relies on the reliability of the democratic process. The “Help America Vote Act”,…

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Old Data Breaches With Personal Information Led To New Cyber Attacks

Published on 07/22/2016

Old breaches led to new breaches as cybercriminals’ ability to use and monetize personal information…

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Web threat

Call For Government, Industry To Share More On Cybersecurity Threats

Published on 07/18/2016

The federal government and industry have been urged to work together to share information on…

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