2019 HIPAA Guide from SecurityMetrics Launches: Simplifies Privacy and Security Rules

Published on 02/05/2019

NEWS PROVIDED BY SecurityMetrics  Feb 05, 2019, 08:11 ET SHARE THIS ARTICLE OREM, Utah, Feb. 5,…

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Health Canada breaches Indigenous patients’ privacy, MDs say

Published on 10/11/2016

Northern Ontario doctors say there is double standard in privacy protection for First Nations people…

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Main Entrance Of Modern Hospital Building With Signs

Hackers Split On ‘Ethics’ Of Ransomware Attacks On Hospitals

Published on 09/14/2016

Ransomware might be lucrative for some cybercriminals, but there are those who condemn holding hospitals…

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NHS Hospitals Told To Swallow Stronger Anti-Ransomware Medication

Published on 09/13/2016

NHS Digital is set to start expanding the range of cybersecurity services available to UK…

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Are Unsecure Medical Devices Opening the Backdoor for Hackers?

Published on 08/17/2016

The increased adoption of connected devices into medical services and processes is streamlining and improving…

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Cyber Ransom Attacks Panic Hospitals, Alarm Congress

Published on 07/21/2016

When the Obama administration pushed out a $35 billion incentive program to pay doctors and…

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With Ransomware On The Rise What Can You Do To Protect Yourself From Ransomware Attack

Published on 06/20/2016

The recent attacks on hospitals across the world affecting hundreds of thousands patients information globally…

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Phishing Attacks Soar in Record-Making Surge

Published on 05/26/2016

The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) observed more phishing attacks in the first quarter of 2016…

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The Percentage Of Health Care Data Breaches Due To Criminal Acts Has Risen From 20 to 50 Percent Since 2010

Published on 05/16/2016

The percentage of health care data breaches due to criminals has risen from 20 to…

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Health Care Records Frequently Targeted By Anonymous Hackers

Published on 05/05/2016

For 10 days in February one hospital’s records hung in limbo. At Hollywood Presbyterian Medical…

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