HIPAA Compliant Email

HIPPA Compliant Email

Shazzle MD

No Password Required
Easy Installment
Works like any other Email
Comply with HIPAA email security rules
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Product Introduction

What is ShazzleMD HIPAA E-mail compliant service?

ShazzleMD offers Patented HIPAA Compliant Email Service that you can install safely, it is easy and safe to use without any training. All emails and attachments sent through ShazzleMD is HIPAA compliant and do not require a password. The recipient can join the network for free to receive the e-mail directly, or simply click a link to pull it securely from our servers. With ShazzleMD all your email and transmission can be safely encrypted and will comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

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Introducing ShazzleMD Email and How it Works

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Key Features for ShazzleMD

No Password Required
Easy Installment
Works like any other Email
Outlook Support
Comply with HIPAA email security rules
Encryption at Rest
Encryption in Transit
End-to-End Encryption
Universal Receivers
Free and Premium versions

How ShazzleMD HIPAA e-mail compliant service works


ShazzleMD has patented a unique method of sending email along a peer-to-peer encrypted path so that privacy and security is always maintained. A user already in the network has a key to decrypt the mail when they get it. An out-of-network user receives a notification that they have been sent a secure email, along with an embedded key to decrypt the mail. The user can then receive the email without entering a password.

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Get ShazzleMD on your devices


ShazzleMail Client
To use your ShazzleMD account on your PC or Mac with the ShazzleMail Client
To use your ShazzleMD account in conjunction with your MacMail, Microsoft Outlook or another POP3/SMTP email client
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Prices for ShazzleMD


$ 15 /mo
  • 1-9 Accounts
  • 3GB Storage
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$ 12 /mo
  • 10-99 Accounts
  • 3GB Storage
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$ 10 /mo
  • 100-999 Accounts
  • 3GB Storage
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HIPAA E-mail compliant service


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HIPAA Complaint Email Services

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Cliff Boyle holds the majority stake in ShazzleMail, a technology company that recently received U.S….

HIPAA Complaint Email Services

Bob McGill, VP

Product Development

Bob McGill is the VP, Product Development of ShazzleMail and co-owner of Jaccomo Inc., a…

HIPAA Complaint Email

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Susha Perminova runs marketing from Shazzle’s Scottsdale, AZ office, while at the same time she…

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to train my staff and employees to use ShazzleMD?

    No, ShazzleMD HIPAA compliance software doesn’t require any training. You can install in minutes and use safely, works just like any other regular email.

  • Do I need to provide my clients with a password?

    No, you do not need to provide any passwords since all emails sent through ShazzleMD are encrypted.

  • I’m experiencing a problem with my ShazzleMD, what should I do?

    If you are experiencing any technical problems with your ShazzleMD account, feel free to contact us at support@shazzle.com

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